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Welcome to the official website of Zenkoku Budō Kyōkai.

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The Zenkoku Budō Kyōkai (National Martial Arts Association - 2020) was created to bring together like-minded martial artists from around the world to co-operate regardless of style. The association was conceived for all members to aspire to, and to work in unison, for the positive promotion of the traditional martial arts.

Conceived to help martial artists, newcomers and practitioners find a non-political home for their martial arts, where training together for the benefit of each other is of the highest agenda.

Recognized as a leading traditional martial arts association, dedicated to the preservation of "ALL STYLES" of martial arts because we believe there is knowledge to be gained from all of the world's martial systems. Most of the "old Masters" knew this to be true and also trained in various arts to enhance their knowledge and ability.

The Zenkoku Budō Kyōkai was founded to help preserve the diverse martial arts history and eliminate politics found in many associations, styles and lineages. An Advisory Board of highly experienced and graded teachers and instructors, direct the association, issue certifications, and promotions. No single individual determines membership acceptance or professional ability of any candidates. Promotions are based on experience, time-in-grade, knowledge, and ability.

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Bushido - The Way of the Warrior

A legitimate "NO POLITICS" association, where rank, grade and titles are earned through years of dedicated training. All certifications are validated and approved by an internationally recognized Board of Directors. These directors are professional leaders within their own karate system, style, or martial art. The Zenkoku Budō Kyōkai is committed to quality martial arts instruction and training.

If you are interested in joining a "NO POLITICS" association, for you and your students, where the most important part of membership is training and learning, then contact the Zenkoku Budō Kyōkai here.

"When you look at life, think in terms of karate. But remember that karate is not only karate - it is life." - Gichin Funakoshi.

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